Where Is The CNY Atmosphere At Chinatown?

Every year, I try to plan something on Reunion night (on the eve of Chinese New Year) for mom’s sake. You see … we always have early reunion for my married siblings’ sake. So come the actual reunion night, there is no “grand” dinner proper.

Last year, or the year before, my elder brother and I brought mom to a buffet dinner. This was then followed by a Hong Kong CNY movie together (which I absolutely detest, as it is too mou lei tou, aka nonsense).

This year, it was just me and mom. Given a choice, I would probably have my eyes glued to my tablet, or TV. But it’s not about me. But her.

We went to Petaling Street at Chinatown, with the intention to soak in some Chinese New Year atmosphere. Makes perfect sense, so I thought. Chinese New Year and Chinatown, right?! Perhaps not like a big-do, but at least something more CNYish.


Red lantern is as CNY as you can get at Chinatown

Err … where is the CNY atmosphere? A lot of the traders are non-Malaysians, and where is the dong dong chiang and the red-overdose atmosphere? Red lantern doesn’t equate to Chinese New Year wei.


Quite a nice mini reunion dinner

Well ….We had a quite nice bkt and chicken rice wine soup meal at Restaurant Del Posto Delights. Her choice of food. We walked a bit, and she bought some clothing accessories for my uncle, some chicken floss for CNY gift, and some prayer offerings for prayer altar table.


CNY flower shoping

I probably enjoyed the flowers shopping part the most, at Weng Hoa Flower Boutique.


And also my RM 2 air mata kucing!


What an interesting (yawn) CNY reunion night!


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