Uber-fied, and Lovin’ It!

RM 1.88 for my maiden Uber’s ride on a Mitsubishi Triton, and I am helluva in love with it.

Uber's estimate fare RM12-16
Uber’s estimate fare RM12-16

Being a cheapo, I used UberX, a cheaper alternative than Uber. Less luxurious fleet, but I ain’t complaining. The estimate fare was

RM 12-16 on a UberX.


With promo code of uber444value, I got RM 10 off. Yay!

Super cheap!
Super cheap!

UberX’s base fare starts at RM 1.50, and for every kilometer, RM 0.55 or RM 0.20 for every minute. Budget taxi starts at RM 3.00 base fare, and RM 0.87 for every kilometer, or RM 0.10 for every minute.

Grab's estimate fare RM 17-20
Grab’s estimate fare RM 17-26

The estimate Grab fare was RM 17-26. Phew! Saved so much moolah.

My younger bro checked on my whereabout *heartmelts*
My younger bro checked on my whereabout *heartmelts*

Just like Grab, passengers can send their location tracker to their family and friends.

Thank you Ban Seng!
Thank you Ban Seng!

Ban Seng, my driver, works in construction industry. He’s doing this on part-time basis as he’s not getting much works these days. Sigh. Another sad story of our current economic situation.

I am glad to hear he turned into driving for Uber. I am sucker for story like this. People making a honest living, to make ends meet.

He told me that Uber takes a 20% cut from the fare collected from passengers. They are paid on a weekly basis, with account closing on Sunday. On the next day, they will get to know their total earning, and payment is clear by Wednesday.

Now that I have started using Uber in KL, I am dying to try one in Bangkok!

Promo code: yeelingkue
Promo code: yeelingkue

If you have not tried Uber before, you should. Get RM 10 free ride, and once you tried it, I’ll also get free credit. Win-win, ya!


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