Swich Cakes For That Special Celebration

I love cakes from Swich Cafe. To be more specific, I love their Cempedak and Mangosteen cakes.

Swich @ Publika

It was a last-minute search for yet another birthday cake. I was lucky that Swich at Publika has a whole cake for me, and it’s my all-time-favorite Cempedak cake.

Price-wise, it is definitely more expensive than other cake shops: 9″ selling at RM 140 + 6% GST = RM 148.40.

5 February babies in the family

But since it was for 5 family members,  I think it is worth the money paid.


A cake deemed worthy for my loved ones

Happy Birthday again!


Swich Cafe’s addresses

Swich Cafe has 2 outlets: Publika and Atria.


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