SkyBus KLIA2 to KL Sentral

SkyBus is an airport bus service provider in Malaysia, that I rely on from Day One. They provide 2 routes: 1 Utama and KL Sentral. 1 Utama is my usual route, as it is closer to home.

It has been a while since I last took SkyBus to KL Sentral. Either it’s Skybus to 1 Utama, or KLIA Express to KL Sentral. KLIA Express fare has hiked up to RM 55, and it’s a fare that I deemed too high to pay. So SkyBus is it this time round.


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Counter 3 for SkyBus tickets

At KLIA2, I walked towards Level 1, where the transportation hub is located. Pandai-pandai (cleverly, in a sarcastic way) walked straight to the bus at Gate 2, without a ticket. That’s what I did previously, that’s why. I was asked to buy ticket from Counter 3. Did the necessary, and paid RM11 for one-way journey.

SkyBus operates a free seating policy, and seat is available on first-come-first-serve basis. They do not allow standing passengers, so make sure you board the bus as soon as you can. Do NOT wait until departure time. The one that I took departed 5 minutes before scheduled departure time, as the bus was already full.

Skybus also includes a buffer time of 15 minutes (for traffic, etc). The actual journey from KLIA2 to KL Sentral / 1 Utama usually takes around 1 hour, instead of 1 hour and 15 minutes indicated in their timetable.

A regular on their 1 Utama route, I found that the KL Sentral route is ‘more noisy’, and passenger mix is more varied. I guess 1 Utama route caters to more locals, vs. KL Sentral.


Arrived @ KL Sentral


Upon arrival at KL Sentral, the bus stopped at the SkyBus terminal at lower ground floor. Sigh. As expected, there were taxi touts waiting. I was helping a tourist from Holland, and didn’t manage to advise another tourist to ignore the taxi touts. Folks, there is authorised taxi counter coupons at KL Sentral, which will ensure you a peace of mind.

If you need more info, SkyBus’s website is here.


Update October 2017:

Today, I found out that AeroBus and SkyBus have merged and operate as AeroSky Ventures for the klia2 – KL Sentral route. This means the tickets purchased from AeroBus or SkyBus can be used on either company’s buses! If I have knew this earlier, I would have booked my ticket on AeroBus’s website at RM 9, instead of SkyBus’s website at RM 11! So folks, pay less ..

AeroBus KLIA2 to KL Sentral
Skybus KLIA2-KL Sentral ticket

When I arrived at the bus platform around 7.30pm, an “unscheduled” Skybus was leaving .. “Unscheduled” because on SkyBus’s website, there are only 7.15pm and 7.45pm bus departing from KLIA2. Immediately, an empty AeroBus pulled in to the platform. I was baffled why the two difference buses are sharing one platform. Checking with a staff, I was issued a SkyBus paper ticket for the AeroBus.


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