Going Vegetarian At MyBurgerLab

MyBurgerLab is a burger joint that I wanted to introduce to my vegetarian-nieces for a while. As this could be a “risky” move, I went for a vegetarian burger’s “recce” first, to determine if it’s a taste to their liking. This recce also marks one of my friend’s first visit to MyBurgerLab.

Vegetarian menu
Vegetarian menu

At the Lab, I thought that it says in the menu that there are 2 types of “vegetarian” (meatless) burgers.* Rereading the menu now, I (finally) understand that there are more than 2 types. Vivien’s Husband, a portobello mushroom patty burger, and another 4 other options of tofu patty burger. *Their so-called vegetarian burgers are prepared / cooked together with their meat burger, according to Sheryn, a reader whom took time to bring up this topic with me from her clarifications with MyBurgerLab (see comments section below). If you are a strict vegetarian, then MyBurgerLab’s vegetarian burgers do not meet your dietary needs.  

It is possible to turn 4 burgers from meat patty into a tofu patty, with RM 1.50 knock-off from the menu. Isn’t it nice to be a vegetarian not to eat meat?

Vivien's Husband + Potato Salad
Vivien’s Husband + Potato Salad

I ordered their Vivien’s Husband (RM 17.20) burger, made of Fried Portabella (Portobello?) with Cheddar, Mango Mayo and a Pineapple Ring. I do not like this. At All.

Portobello mushroom is one of my favorite mushrooms in the world, but the portobello mushroom turned out not as juicy as I would have liked.

A big pineapple ring
Too much …

The mango mayo sauce was overpowering, and too much dosage. Sometimes, less is more. I assumed the sauce was concocted as such, pairing with the pineapple ring. But, it was too “thousand-islandish” for my liking, and I suspect that the pineapple ring came out from a can. Please let me be wrong on this.

Vivien's Husband
Vivien’s Husband failed to impress

Overall, the burger was soggy … look at the poor limp lettuce, could be a result of over drowning in sauce.

Sou desu ..
ah so desu ka … (Source: Says.com)

According to an article in Says.com here, the burger was named after a customer, by the name of Vivien, whom wanted to marry one of their unnamed vegetarian burgers.

Besides Vivien’s Husband, these are other the 4 burgers on the menu, which can be replaced with vegetarian-friendly tofu version, and enjoy RM 1.50 discount:

  • A+ Burger (RM 16.50 – RM 1.50 discount = RM 15.00)  : Cheddar Beef/Chicken Tofu patty, paired with Shiitake & Enoki Mushrooms and Caramelized Onions
  • Swisstake (RM 16.00 – RM 1.50 = RM 14.50) :  Swiss Beef/Chicken Tofu patty topped with Asian Shrooms
  • Spicy Hawaiian (RM 16.50 – RM 1.50 = RM 15.00) : A Swiss Grilled Chicken Tofu, paired with Mushrooms, a Pineapple ring and Hot Sauce, available in Mild/Hot version
  • Say Cheese (RM 12.40 – RM 1.50 = RM 10.90) : A Grilled Beef/Chicken Tofu Patty topped with Cheddar Cheese and Sliced Onions.

All burgers come with lettuce and oven roasted cherry tomatoes. Set option of Sides (Fries, Mashed Potato or Potato Salad) and Bottomless Soda is available for additional RM 7.50.

I’ve not given up yet, shall give one of the tofu burgers another go next time.

Update Aug 2017:

Finally, brought my elder niece here .. She was advised by a staff that she can replace any burgers in the menu with a tofu patty. She decided to order “The Juicy Lucy” (RM 24.90 – RM 1.00)*, but cashier said that they are not able to replace with tofu patty because the cheese is stuffed into the meat patty.

Beautiful Mess with tofu patty
Beautiful Mess with tofu patty
Beautiful Mess with tofu patty

She ordered “Beautiful Mess” (RM 19.90-RM 1.00)* instead, replacing the meat patty with tofu patty. She enjoyed it and said that the tofu patty is better than what she thought.

MyBurgerLab Non-meat menu

*The discount is now only RM 1.00 (instead of RM 1.50), and just realized that the “vegetarian burgers” wording are already replaced with “non-meat options”.


MyBurgerLab : Seapark Lab
Add : 14, Jalan 21/22, SeaPark 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel : +60 10 369 5275
Business Hours : Mon-Sun 5:00PM to 10:15 PM (except 1st Monday of the month?)
Website : http://myburgerlab.com


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  • August 13, 2017 at 10:15 pm

    Kindly be informed the vegetarian word is not suitable to apply on the types of burger offering by Burger Lab in Malaysia. As per their clarification via Facebook messenger, so called “vege burger” is cook together with meat burger. It can only name as “meatless burger”. The “vege” words mentioned in the article will mislead a vegetarian. Hope you can clarify further.

    • August 14, 2017 at 8:27 am

      Hi Sheryn,

      Thank you for bringing this up. I will amend the post accordingly today. Thanks, again.

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