Le Bread’s Salted Egg Yolk Croissants Live Up To The Hype

I arrived at Le Bread Days at 11.50am, 10 minutes before my yum cha date with Mommy Meng and Baby Evan.


First-come-first-serve basis


A signboard in front of their entrance states that their molten salted egg yolk custard croissant will be available from 9.30am onwards, until sold out.


Fret not, plenty croissants for all


Seeing that there are plenty of the coveted croissants on shelves, I got a table and sat waiting.

Customers kept on walking in, and without fail, each and everyone of them has the molten salted egg yolk croissants on their tray.

Oh no.

I got slightly panicky. What if it runs out? Should I pay and reserve 2 pieces first? But I saw the staff replenishes the empty shelves constantly. And I told myself to stay calm. And NOT be kiasu.

Meng arrived with cutey Evan, and we went to pick our goodies:


Our lunch


– 1 piece each of the molten salted egg yolk custard croissant (RM 6.90 + 6% GST = RM 7.30/pc)

– 1 piece of the peanut butter croissant (for sharing) (RM 5.90 + 6% GST = RM 6.30/pc)

– 1 piece each of german cheese egg tart (because of their “Must Try” label) (RM 3.50 + 6% GST = RM 3.70/pc)

Upon request, the staff warmed up our croissants and tarts for us.

My verdict?


Gooeylicious molten salted egg yolk custard


Le Bread’s molten salted egg yolk custard croissant is soo much gooey than Bake Plan. And it tastes very salted egg yolk, akin to the taste of salted egg yolk type of cooking. Not sure whether it was because we didn’t warm up the Bake Plan’s croissants correctly here.


Gooeylicious peanut butter too 🙂



We don’t like the German cheese egg tart

I also like the peanut butter croissant, but not the German cheese egg tart. I find that the egg tarts to be too sweet, texture-wise, it’s just not my kind of taste.

Croissant-itself, I prefer Bake Plan‘s version, as I find the outer layer of their croissant more crispy and flaky.


Gr8 latte!

Their latte (RM 10 + 6% GST) is great, to go with their pastries.

The bakery was quite crowded 12ish onwards, with lunch crowd. It was also crowded 1ish, with many dropping by to pack the famous croissants for tea time snack, perhaps.

I am glad that I manged to try the famous croissants, with a dear friend of mine. Now that the hype has cooled down, and with many copycats out there, do give Le Bread Days a second chance.

Update 28 March 2016:

Cheezy cheese croissant
Cheezy cheese croissant
Limited options at 4pm+

Went there around 4.30pm on a Monday, and the place was packed! Shocking. Not many options left too. The only item they replenish is their molten salted egg yolk custard croissant. I also tried their cheezy cheese croissant, and it was cheese overload.



68, Jalan SS 2/72,

47300 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-7932 0868

Business Hours: Mon-Sat 7:30am-10:00pm, Sun 8:00am-10.00pm 


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