A Healthy Greenie Dosage At Goodness Greens Cafe

Live and eat healthier at Goodness Greens Cafe, a newbie at TTDI neighborhood. It is located in the same row as The Grumpy Cyclist and Namaste.

A first-timer there, I was confused seeing La Juiceria’s branding and products everywhere.


La Juiceria cold-press juice

Raw. Reboot. Renew. That’s La Juiceria. Looking it up, I found that Goodness Greens is opened by La Juiceria, a cold-pressed juice brand. The shop is named after La Juiceria’s best-selling juice, Goodness Greens.

Cold-pressed juice in layman term simply means a wole lot of fruits and / or vegetables squeezed into a bottle, vis-a-vis standard juice, using gazillion of pressure.

Gourmet salads. Vegan soups. Smoothies bowls. Granola bowl. Pasta bowl. Rice bowl. Cold-pressed juices. Coffee. Tea.

So many choices at Goodness Greens.


Our two bottles of cold-press juice

I arrived around 4ish with my niece. Too early for my dinner. I ordered Orange Power (orange + carrot), whilst my niece had a salad and Summer Zest (orange + pineapple).


Niece’s medium salad with roasted sesame dressings

You can customize your salad: pick from Petit (RM 14.90), Medium (RM 18.90) and Grand (RM 23.90).

– petit: 1 base + 4 mains + 1 supplementary + 1 dressing

– medium: 1 base + 5 mains + 2 supplementary + 1 dressing

– prime: 1 base + 5 mains + 2 supplementary + 1 dressing + 1 prime


Goodness Greens menu
I was intrigued with their Acai berry bowl (RM 24). Acai berry is a superfood: a type of food that offers superior nutitional value as it contains high antioxidant properties. On Goodness Greens FB page, they say that the Acai berry bowl will keep you full for hours and have satisfied a sweet craving. Acai berries are low in sugar, but full of iron, calcium, fiber and Vitamin A. So there you go, a healthy dessert for health-conscious you.

As I already met my daily quota of caffeine, didn’t try their coffee. I read on their FB, that they serve their coffee differently: it comes with a glass of chlorophyll water, which helps to alkalize your body.

Chlorophyll water sounds like something from my science class! Read more about chlorophyll here. In the article, it says that as with any supplement, it is advisable to talk to a medical professional prior to consuming liquid chlorophyll water. Another article says that coffee and chlorophyll are like yin (acidic) and yang (alkaline). Alkaline followed by acidic = perfect pH match.

Eating healthy. So much to learn!


Goodness Greens Cafe 

32 Jalan Datuk Sulaiman

Taman Tun Dr Ismail

60000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 018-3683320

Opening Hours: Weekdays and Public Holidays 9am-9pm, Weekends 8am-9pm

Their Facebook page is here


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