RM 22.25 for a Godiva Soft Serve Ice Cream!!

RM 22.25 for a soft serve ice cream: It was an impulsive indulgant, but one I did not regret. Tried it once just to experience it 🙂

Hello Godiva
Hello Godiva

“Not your average soft serve,” it claimed. You better not be one, with the absurd price tag!

3 choices available
3 choices available

A friend and I just parted RM 22.25 each, on a Godiva soft serve ice cream. Crazy, but memorable. I ordered their Twist, as I was torn between their Vanilla White Chocolate Soft Serve and Dark Chocolate Soft Serve. Friend was more single-minded with her Dark Chocolate Soft Serve.

Mine was ready first, and already showing sign of dripping
Mine was ready first


Whoa ... why are you melting so fast?
Whoa … slow & steady please

But thumbs down to the dripping-at-lightning-speed watery texture. It was already showing sign of melting, before it reaches my hand. Like in the first 60 seconds. Uh-hu?


1 minute is all it takes to melt *sob*
1 minute is all it takes to melt *sob*

Of course soft serve is meant to be soft, but … I was expecting a slightly more of a longer lasting texture. It’s Godiva afterall, and it just burnt a gigantic hole in my pocket.

Pardon the pictures, taking pictures of melt-at-lightning-speed soft serve ice cream wasn’t easy.

Available only at Nu Sentral and Suria KLCC.


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