Fei Fei Crab Failed To Satisfy My Crab Cravings

After my miserable Claypot Crab Rice at Restaurant Siu Siu, I thought that I can finally have a proper crab-meal.

But no. NOT. Again.


Fei Fei Crab
Perhaps it could be due to the Chinese New Year’s crowd, food was mediocre at Fei Fei Crab (肥肥蟹海鲜饭店). I came here for their famous crabs, and it failed to deliver.

Fei fei’s crab is sold according to size:


Crab’s pricing

Size M: RM 58 per set

Size XL: RM 98 per set

Size XXL: RM 78 (1 crab), RM 156 (2 crabs)

Gone were the days that Fei Fei crabs were sold at RM 18/kilo? I remember that was the main pull, few years ago.

At least they indicate the price for crabs at their notice board. As for other dishes, prices were non-existent in their menu.

We ordered:


Buttered cheese crab

Buttered cheese crab, size XL


Kam heong crab

Kam Heong crab, size XL


Fried kailan with garlic

Fried kailan with garlic


Mushroom tofu

Mushroom tofu


Chicken (on flame) … but, it arrived at our table sans the flame

Total bill: RM 288.75 for 8 pax

Restoran Fei Fei Crab

No 7 , Jalan Desa 2/7,

Desa Aman Puri, Kepong,

52100 KL

Tel : 03 6272 8659

Business Hours : 11am-2.45pm & 5pm-11pm, Closed on Monday


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