A belated birthday celebration for Noelle

Noelle and I started a tradition to treat each other to a birthday makan (meal) for our birthdays. It’s our annual makan affair as far as I remember, where we try out new restaurants.

We intended to try Yellow Brick Road at Jalan Batai, but had to change our plan due to long long queue. Not sure if the food is really that good, but we are not THAT desperate. Let’s wait for the hype to cool down.

There and then, we had to crack our brains for alternative options. Food-storming in this era is assisted by food bloggers.

With so many food bloggers, we learn to take their reviews with a pinch of salt. Either they have low expectations, or we have too high expectations. Noelle even said that she’ll ‘shun’ a blogger if their recommendation sucks. With incessant profileration of eateries, and too many bloggers raving about how nice this and that, readers like us are getting smarter.

Noelle muttered a place name frequented by Vivian/Vivien. Macam kawan saja (like friends). So it seems that this blogger patronize Epicuro at Damansara Uptown often, so food should be good wor. 

So we drove from Jalan Batai to Damansara Uptown. Ooh … my car, missed it so much, a convenient i live without in Bangkok.


Noelle is happy with this place. I am just okay with it. Definitely one of the better choice in town.

Our homemade lemonade (RM 5.90) arrived first. We were both dissapointed with it. Noelle commented homemade is supposed to taste good. Uh-hu? Well, she’s right and I guess restaurateur is exploiting this ‘homemade’ word. So what’s homemade? Ours taste like bottled lemonade, and that was the first thing that arrived. Bad first impression, Epicuro.

Conchiglie (shell shaped pasta) in spinach cream (RM 22.90) arrived next. The pasta had our seal of approval. Creamylicious with lots of bacons, cheese and toasted sunflower seeds.

Pulled pork sandwich (RM 16.90) is ok, the hero of the dish got sidetracked by the ‘frills’. Too much coleslaw. You know there is a fine balancing act ….. but nevertheless we like the texture of the pulled pork, just perhaps less coleslaw and up a little bit of the pulled pork. We are not professional food critic, so these are our humble view points lah.


Swich Cafe (again)

I brought Noelle to Swich. So I was there for two consecutive days.

Cempedak cake is a must, and I think I’ll stick to only Cempedak and Mangosteen cake at Swich from now onwards.

The Peanut Butter Valrhona cake was disappointing, that we find the peanut butter is too ‘light’ and not smooth to our liking. The Valrhona chocolate doesn’t excite us too. What does Valrhona chocolate supposed to taste like?