H & S Motor Works, My Reliable And Honest Car Workshop

An honest and reliable car workshop is one to keep for a lifetime, and I found it in H & S Motor Works at Jalan Rawang, Batu Caves. Ah Hiang is an experienced mechanic, and he happens to be my BIL’s friend. Any car problem, I go to this man. So does my BIL and sis.

My poor and neglected old car has been acting up, partly due to lack of TLC, as her owner has been in and out of the country in the past 3 years. To cut the long story shot, I had problem starting my car for two days. Most of the time, it was running fine. But when it wasn’t, it was as if the car was dead.

When I turned the ignition key to the “Start” position, the lights do not come on in the instrument panel, no sound, not even a clicking sound. Like I said, as if it was dead to the world.

I was pretty sure that it is NOT battery problem, since the battery is still new (changed in Jan 2016).

This dead-to-the-world problem happened for two days in a row, and only when I was alone. But … when helps arrived, in the form of my BIL and elder brother, the problem ceased to exist. Yeah, as though I imagined the whole problem. Dang!

The annoying thing about car, diagnosis cannot be made by mechanic, when the car is running fine.  So, that means, I have to wait until I face the same problem .. then call for help. And I dont’t like that. AT ALL.

Ah Hiang at work
Ah Hiang at work

At home, my elder brother did some ‘knocking’ to the car, and declared all is well to run. Even so, I decided to bring my car to Ah Hiang, just for peace of mind.

Ah Hiang informed me that he has checked the starter, and overruled weak or faulty starter as the cause. He explained that he can’t do anything, since the car is running fine now.

Clean beneath it
He cleaned the area beneath the red cover

But, after hearing that the lights do not come on in the dash at all, he said if it’s not a battery problem, then there is no connection between the battery and the vehicle electrical system. He then proceeded to assess and clean the buildup on the battery terminal. He sprayed some electrical contact cleaner, and digged out some dirt and grime with some appliances.

My car is running well in the past two days, touch wood, no problem starting the car.

Removing the whole panel
Removing the whole panel

I also replaced the power window motor, which costs me RM 100. I was told by a friend that we need to wind down the window regularly. The motor is more prone to failure, if it has not been used for a long time. Poor neglected car, sorry.

Altogether, I paid RM 210, including engine oil change.

My car central locking has also not worked for a long time. I was told that I need a new locking motor, not only for the driver’s door, but all doors. *gulp* Original part costs around RM 100 per door, or alternatively, RM 40 per door, plus labour charge. Shall get this fixed soon.

Google Map
Google Map – follow Mr Heng (H&S Motor Works)
H & S (Image credit: Google)
The small workshop on the right in the photo (Image credit: Google)

H&S is Motor Works in located near Kawasan Industri Selayang Indah, next to Petron. If Ah Hiang is not around, his team is equally reliable.

Update Feb 2017:

My car’s aircond has been acting up intermittently since end last year: no air circulation on and off, i.e. the aircond doesn’t switch on sometimes. Since I have not been back in KL for 2 month, I finally managed to get it checked, at H & S Motor Works. I also noticed that the aircond is noisy when it’s in used, but family and friends say that it’s pretty common for an old car.

Blower motor problem
Black part on the copper segments denotes bad

Hearing my problem, Ah Hiang diagnosed it as blower motor problem. The blower motor pushes air through the vents of our vehicle’s air conditioning systems, to circulate the cooled air. Ah Hiang is a genius: he found “bad commutator contact?” (he pointed to the black part of the copper segments) in the blower motor. He explained that the aircond works when it doesn’t hit the dead spot in blower motor and vice versa. He attributed he noise I heard was probably the blades hitting the bad side of the blower motor. By the way, the blower motor of a Perodua Kenari is located under the dash on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Replacement blower motor from Denso

I was charged RM 140 for the blower motor and workmanship.



H & S Motor Works
No. P.T. 1517, Jalan Rawang, Batu 8, Selangor, 68100 Batu Caves, Malaysia
+60 3-6137 3143


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