Another Mom’s Favorite: Pork Leg Vinegar

My elder brother introduced me to Mom’s All Taste Restaurant (Ga Fan Nguk in Cantonese) few months ago. My earlier post is here. Now come to think of it, perhaps there is no English name to this restaurant ..


‘Ga fan nguk’


Today, I revisited this restaurant for dinner, as mom wanted to eat pork leg vinegar (猪脚醋). This dish is one of her favorite, and not all restaurants serve this dish. This restaurant serves hometown delights, ala mom’s taste, and pork leg vinegar is part of their menu.


Brisk business


The restaurants was enjoying brisk business, packed with Chinese diners.

My mom’s choice of menu today:


A simple home-cooking style meal

Pork leg vinegar, Bean curd top with deep fried shallot and Iceburg lettuce in oyster sauce.


Four Kind of Herbal Soup


Herby goodness


As for me, the Chinese-in-me ordered Four Kind of Herbal Soup.

We paid RM 30 for a meal of 2.


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